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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Titanic Film wallpapers, release dates, photos, videos, cast and Crew

The film Titanic is based on real fact, which happened in April 1912.Madh Ship Titanic hit the iceberg and became a major disaster for the people traveling in it. About 02:20 on April 14, 1912 the ship sank at sea. The ship sank with 1178 people si.Titanic Movie released in 1997 with the same story. It was a heart touching moments is njerëzit.Movie Titanic directed by James Cameron and produced by himself and the cast are Jon Landau.Yll film as Jack Dawson Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet as Rose, Billy Zane, Frances Fisher, Gloria Stuart Bill Paxton, Kathy Bates, Danny Nucci, Bernard Hill, Victor Garber and more with small roles. Enjoy the best Titanic Movie HQ Wallpapers, Photo, Pics, Images and Pictures Gallery.
                                                  Titanic film Date: 19 dhjetor 1997
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Titanic Film Director: James Cameron
Writing credits: (WGA) James Cameron (written by)
Original Music: James Horner
Russell Carpenter (Director of Photography): Cinematography by
Conrad Buff IV (as Conrad Buff), James Cameron, Richard A. Harris: Film Editing by
Mali Finn: Casting by
Official site:
Production Design: Peter Head lamonttai
Art Direction by: Martin Laing, Charles Dwight Lee (supervising art director) (Charles Lee)
Michael Ford: Set Decoration by
Costume Design by: Deborah Lynn Scott (Deborah L. Scott)

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