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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Kanchana Film Wallpapers, release date, photos,Trailors, videos, cast & crew

Kanchana his previous venture, Muni (2007) and directed by Raghava Lawrence is written as a sequel to the upcoming horror film in Tamil. Lakshmi Rai with Sarathkumar and the other characters in the film features the main character himself. The film is expected to be released in mid 2011.

Cast and Crew details: 
Raghava Lawrence
Lakshmi Rai
Babu Antony
Coimbatore linear

Muni is a sequel to Kanachana 
Choreographer - Actor - director Larencce 'Kanchana', and he was named a director is currently busy shooting at Chennai. 
It 'Kanchana', who played a major role in the movie, Tamil and Larencce of the 'Muni' is a bilingual in Telugu in the sequel, Thriller - Horror flick that is. Anuskha more brawny characters, such as occurred in the late 'Arundathi' of it. Another feature of the first part of the 'Muni' role in a never before seen in the Rajkiran. Amitasaktito for every one is looking forward to this film. 

Some continue to shoot for and the schedule in Chennai alone, a majority of the talkie part of the cover. All the special effects will be incorporated later in the movie. 
Kanchana Movie Trailors & Videos:


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