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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Racha Movie Wallpapers, release date, photos,Trailors, videos, cast & crew

Racha  Movie Wallpapers, release date, photos,Trailors, videos

Ram Charan, Tamannah Srilanka flies to
Ram Charan, a new schedule for all 3 starts in July to Srilanka with his Racha unit is ready to fly. The couple has a song in Ram Charan and Tamannah in Srilanka to be canned. 5 days to complete the schedule in the previous unit.
The director and cinematographer Sameer Reddy Nandi Samapath recently visited Srilanka to scout locales for the song to be canned. Ram Charan is happy with the work of young director Sampath Nandi said. Racha NV Prasad and Paras Jain has built and Mega Supergood Films banner. RB Choudary is presenting.
Leader of the Gang of sources, Chiranjeevi is a song from the remix of the music director Mani Sharma by Racha are abuzz.
Racha Movie Trailors & Videos:


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