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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mayagadu Movie Wallpapers, release date, photos, videos, cast & crew

Murali Mohan who our president is a Charmi. Mayagadu 'Sexy Charmi and produced the film, a few days ago and set ummivesaru between Yalamanchi Ravichand Ravichand Yalamanchi was not forgotten, the news may have complained about the unprofessional behavior, the hope is to get her back into the project Charmi Directors' Association for help to the needful.

 TV channels seen in a cat fight, then, none charmi where she needs to surrender himself before the Yalamanchi Ravichand situation may be expected to come under. Toll piracy against the state government, four days before the chamber pressure on the film, as well as fast - stutimpu - the death of his special classes at night, more than I would have made him a hero and a key figure Yalamanchi Ravichand vengeance.

 With no other way left for Charmi, She is part of a compromise, and she is getting full, he will be instantly available to every public function and press the 'Mayagadu' attendance at the meeting gave her approval of it.

 Therefore, it is more than charmi 'Mayagadu' Yalamanchi of the 'no magic Chesave'

charmi and Venu starrer 'Mayagadu' all set for release on July 15th. Venu in the last two years ago, 'Gopi Gopika Godavari' appeared. 

 "After my release, the film has a very long time. I was happy with the outcome of this film. It is an intent to deceive the people and the city where survival is a story of a young man in the village. The story is interesting and will take many turns. Fantasy is a script. I have given the music cakri very happy with the AM "Venu said. 

 The film is directed by Dileep Polan and produced Yelamanchili Ravichand. Ali, AVS, Gowtham Raju, Ravibabu and Satyakrishna starred in the film. 
                                                           Mayagadu Movie Trailor:


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